Rus Ru, Honduras medical / construction trip, January, 2012

Tom, John, Bob, Tim & Ryan from Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Sponsored by Missionary Air Group and Harvesters International Mission


CLICK HERE for a short video of our 1st landing in Missionary Air Group's Cessna 206 at Rus Rus, Honduras

Arriving in San Pedro, Honduras, from our commercial flight to Wes' Cessna
We spend one night in LeCeiba before heading to Rus Rus
View from our hotel window
Out of LeCeiba and enroute to Rus Rus
Landing at the Rus Rus grass strip, the Hospital is the white roof building
Made it into Rus Rus and we're going to have a look at the hospital
The hospital on the eastern end of the airstrip
John and Tom at the Hospital entrance
The group is preparing for a week of work and flying
Next day it's Ryan and the group doing electrical work
This electrical mess was the central purpose of our trip
Some views of the inside of the Hospital:
Exam room
Operating room
What should we do next ???
Bob, Tim, Ryan, Tom + Wes
Off to the generator shed
It's a great old generator
Ryan and Tom running wires from the generator. Careful up there Ryan!
John getting into the act
The Wiles residence, a duplex. We stayed on the right side.
Lunch, doing what we do best!
We can't forget to feed Jack
Now Jack's happy and back in his cage
Wes and some villagers at the guest house apartment
Tom & I took a walk to the Rio Coco river
Going flying today, Tom fills the right tank...
and I fill the left
Tom's set to go
Getting the passengers ready
Now if we could just get Ebony out of the plane we could leave!
and they're off !
Wes & Tom. Tom's loving the flight
After dropping off the passengers they are on their way to Puerto Lempira for supplies
A load of gasoline and propane, wow!
The Missionary Air Group, Rus Rus hanger
and it's time for Tom to change the oil
The plane's airworthy again and the group hams it up
Tom, Ryan, Bob, Tim & John
and we can't forget Wes
Our 5th day in Honduras and it's a beauty
and the runway is quite
Our last day working at the hospital...
and the electrical work is just about done.
Our last night and time to relax and watch a movie (we love Bob's bubble wrap seat cushion!)
Tom's happy...
so is Ryan and Tim.
We've left Rus Rus and are headed back to LeCeiba with Tom & Wes flying
Roatan in the distance off shore
Turning final for runway 9 at San Pedro with the pineapple fields below
and Bob was able to get some rest!
In San Pedro, getting ready for our flight to Miami
Over the Florida Keys and almost home, GREAT TRIP!
Thank you Wes & Denise for your hospitality and putting up with the five of us, we had a super time!

For more information on the fantastic progress of the Rus Rus, Honduras hospital, to view some great videos of the medical work at the hospital and other projects Missionary Air Group and Harvesters International Mission is involved with please;


and we thank you in advance for your support,

John Ford






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