San Antonio, Texas, February 7, 2007

John Ford, Owner of Les Vants Aerial Photos was awarded honors for the three aerial photographic prints he submited in the print competion during the annual Professional Aerial Photographer Association's conference and workshop in San Antonio, TX

P.A.P.A. is an international organization. Particpant and print entries came from as far away as Denmark, Austrailia, South Africa and of course the United States.

All 200+ entries were judged on the quality of printing, sharpness, compostion and a variety of other factors.

The 3 photos John entered were titled "A New England Cranberry Harvest", "A day at the beach" and "Boston's Custom House Tower" and can be viewed below.


Artistic Category
Commercial Category
Scenic Category
New England Cranberries_lesvants Les Vants Custom House A day at the beach

Please click on the image for a larger view