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Please place the following credit on or near all reproductions / copies:

Aerial by lesvants.com


  Although Les Vants Aerial Photos offers a full service color print and digital / Photoshop lab we believe that when a client purchases a print or digital file from us they should be entitled to reproduce that image without incurring additional charges.

    There are many reasons why a client may choose to use their own lab / services, whether it's less expensive to produce in house, there may be a time saving advantage, etc, etc. We do not and will not charge a fee for reproduction UNLESS we fail to receive credit for our photography.

    In the past, before digital scanners, color printers, Power Point Presentations, etc, came into widespread use we typically provided clients with multiple copies of color prints, many of these views containing graphic overlays. Our prints would always have a label on the back with pertinent information for the clients reference along with our company name, address and phone number. With thousands of our identifiable prints in circulation throughout the country, we had the best advertising possible showing excellent examples of our work. We paid very little in the form of other types of advertising as these prints advertised our business for us! That is now a thing of the past and clients often call with a copy of one of our prints with no idea as to who took the shot! The majority of companies who do not know us will never call for reproductions or to have us shoot their site as they have no way of knowing who we are and unfortunately, Les Vants is quite a way down the list of aerial photographers in the Boston Yellow Pages. A prospective or existing client calling through this list or tyring to Google search our image will encounter many part time weekend amateur photographers who will try to convince them that they can fill their needs.

    The resulting loss of income due to the decline in multiple print orders and graphic overlays over the last few years has been staggering to us but we are still concentrating on delivering the best possible aerial photography along with excellent original color prints and digital files for your use.

    In a recent survey we conducted of professional aerial photographers in the New England region we discovered that the majority of our competition is charging from $350.00 and up each and every time their clients reproduce their image, no exceptions, period. We do not believe in such practices. However, in an attempt to remain profitable and survive in this highly competitive business we have been forced to implement our new fee policy and will charge the client a $500.00 fee for each reproduction only if the client fails to give us credit when reproducing our aerials. We will use this fee to supplement our advertising budget therefore compensating for the loss of recognition in the industry.

    We ask that whatever medium you wish to use / reproduce our images in, whether scanned, color copies, presentations, brochures, flyers, web based or any other use that you will include our credit. If you would rather not include our credit on your image please advise us and we will add a $100.00 waiver fee on your invoice.


Our fee for the unauthorized or uncredited use of any of our images that we discover after the fact is:

$500.00 minimum, per violation.


We thank you in advance for your voluntary compliance and with enough cooperation will never be forced to charge our clients a mandatory fee when they wish to reproduce our aerials.

Please place the following credit on or near the photograph:

Aerial by: lesvants.com

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